Guarantee the fastest possible website load speeds for your visitors from the UK, the rest of Europe and Africa

If you have multimedia content–based sites that are targeted at visitors who live in England, Europe, the Middle East or Africa, then our UK located data center facility is the right choice for you.

The Pulsant data center is situated near London and offers astonishing security conditions for hosting your dynamic websites and web applications. It now serves hundreds of thousands of sites and is also known for its practiced server admins who monitor the server network around the clock and carry out weekly data backups.

To host your dynamic web pages in our UK located data center, pick any of our top–notch VPS packages available on the signup page. Our VPS don’t involve any signup taxes and offer a 99.9% network uptime guarantee. Additionally, you will receive a charge–free dedicated IP address and a variety of website accelerators to increase the loading speed of your websites.

UK Located Shared Hosting Services

If you would not like to cope with server administration procedures and would like to simply focus on your site, then our UK located shared hosting plans are just what you need. With each UK located shared hosting plan, you’ll take advantage of a guaranteed ninety–nine point nine percent uptime and an excellent 24/7 technical support service. Moreover, all UK Located Shared Hosting plans come with unmetered disk space and unlimited monthly traffic quotas and loads of free–of–cost additional bonuses included in the hosting Control Panel.